Sunday, November 19th

10:00 am

Fellowship Hall

** Reports are due by Monday, October 30th

Manga Tusen Tak
Just to say a general “thank you” is the only way we know to express our appreciation and gratitude to our First Lutheran Church, and to the Northwood community and many others for the generous gift – a trip to Norway given to us in honor of Lowell's 60 years as choir director.

For two weeks, August 28 through September 8 our modes of transportation were either on a plane, a train, a ship, a bus, a car or on foot! We visited several beautiful areas of Norway and two days in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was a wonderfully fun trip as we enjoyed new experiences every day because we had good weather, delicious foods, and beautiful sights mostly planned by our “tour guide” Sharyl Nestor. It was a trip of a lifetime.

We have been blessed and honored immensely with this gift as a result of contributions by many people, and from our hearts we can only say, “many thousand thanks” and “tak for alt” (thanks for everything).    Lowell and Leila

P.S. Over the past 60 years God has blessed me as I have had the privilege of being the director of the talented and faithful members of the choirs at First Lutheran.  I have enjoyed everyone of the 60 years, and now, as God is with me, I begin the 61st!    Lowell M. Gangstad



Bree Truaz was installed on August 20th in Sterling, IL.  The green stole is a gift from First Lutheran, given to her at graduation.

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